Wyrm Wood in a Sunny Day

Wyrm Wood is the ancient name of the kingdom of the Elves in Barsaive. During the Scourge it was renamed to Blood Wood in 1262 TH during the Ritual of Thorns, a powerful magic ritual that changed the pattern and appearance of the wood and the elves within forever.

The Wyrm Wood was created by a collaboration of Great Dragons, most notably Alamaise. They created it for the birthing place of the Race of Elves, putting their own magicks and blood into them, and turning them into a striking and beautiful race. They did this with the help of the passions Jaspree and Astendar.

After the creation of the Wood, it was indisputably Alamaise's domain, and he ruled the Elves for many centuries. However, as generations past, the Elves grew more and more independent and forgot their roots during a time were Alamaise had disappeared. When he returned, he was furious for the seeming betrayal of a Race that he helped to form. He confronted the current Elven Queen, Dallia, and demanded that the Elves pay him homage. She denied, as she believed, that Alamaise had any part in their creation; And as such refused to pay Alamaise homage on behalf of the Elven race.

This drove Alamaise into a rage, and he slew Queen Dallia and her entourage, before flying north and again disappearing. Alamaise was coined Elf Bane by the remaining Elven Court, and will forever be a hated enemy of their people.This event was the beginning of the end for the Wyrm Wood, as Queen Dallia was the last Great Queen of the Elves, and her successors inevitably caused the corruption of the Wood, into the Bloodwood.