Thread Weaving is a talent available to all disciplines.

Thread Weaving enables adepts to weave magical threads to the Patterns of Name-givers, items, places and spells that provide some form of influence upon that pattern.

Each discipline approaches thread magic from a different perspective, so although Thread Weaving is common to all disciplines, each has a unique form of the talent.

DisciplineThread Weaving Talent
Air SailorAir Weaving
ArcherArrow Weaving
BeastmasterBeast Weaving
CavalrymanRider Weaving
ScoutScout Weaving
Sky RaiderSky Weaving
Sword MasterWeapon Weaving
ThiefThief Weaving
TroubadourStory Weaving
WarriorWar Weaving
WeaponsmithThread Smithing

Thread Weaving and Patterns

Thread Weaving is intimately connected to the concept of patterns. All True patterns have Names, and a Name is what provides a pattern with its unique identity. Therefore the first piece of knowledge that an adept must possess in order to influence a pattern is the True Name associated with it.

The ease with which a thread can be attached is dependant upon the nature of the pattern being targeted. For example, the pattern of a Name-giver is incredibly complex so weaving a thread to it is extremely difficult. If successful however, the thread attached provides a great amount of power over that pattern, and consequently the Name-giver.

Threads Items

Adepts often weave threads to magical items in order to empower them. A magical item with no threads attached appears to be a mundane item of its type. Similarly, an item to which an adept has threads woven becomes mundane in the hands of those that have not empowered it by attaching a thread.

Weaving threads to an item involves examining its true pattern and researching its history to learn Key Knowlegdes, such as the item’s Name, creator, from what or where it was crafted and so on. Once this knowledge is known, an adept can infuse some of his own essence in order to awaken the legend of the item.

The extent to which an item can be invested with an adept’s power can vary widely. It is contingent upon how much an adept knows about the history of the item, and the deeds with which it is associated. Thread Items with an unremarkable history will lack the same capacities as items wielded by legendary Name-givers to perform heroic deeds.


Some spells require threads to be woven into them because of the complexity pattern involved. Magicians can sometimes weave additional threads to spells to alter the basic pattern in some way, thereby the compounding its effects - increasing duration, range, area of effect and so on. Threads woven to spells are temporary and do not affect the number of threads an adept can have woven and attached to other patterns.