The Serpent River is the life blood of Barsaive. The T'skrang call her Shivoam, the Dragon River, the Dwarfs of Throal call her Zhirazkhul the Encircler, the Elves named her Shilarai, the Watersong and to the Trolls she is the Shining Path, a glittering blue-green band of water, that runs through the heart of Barsaive from the Scol Mountains in the north and beyond, down to the impenetrable fogs of the Mist Swamps in the south.

Since before any history was written, the Serpent River was already a bustling source of life and activity, providing an unlimited source of drinking water, food and fertile farming soil along its shores. The river itself and its countless tributaries form a network of waterways, connecting otherwise isolated settlements and villages to larger trading posts and towns.

The Serpent is wide and flows with a deceptive strong current. Even by means of a riverboat it takes about one hour to make it across at most points. Trying to cross the river without any magical aid or a boat is a very dangerous, if not suicidal task only the most brave (or foolish) swimmers would dare to master. Even the t’skrang consider it a amazing feat of strength.


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