Passions are beings/forces which represent feelings, desires and goals of the Name-givers. To some extent, the Passions are somewhere between heroes and gods, and as such are known to manifest for extended periods of time in mortal form, have favoured avatars (gender, race)(not all Passions), or in a more spirit-based form, and inspire the minds of Namegivers. To this extent they are local. However, as beings of pure magic created by the emotions of the living, flesh races they are both local and global, both individual, sentient creatures and abstract, unthinking forces.

The Name-givers of Barsaive believe that there are 12 Passions, each of them guarding a different aspect of the people's lives. Other regions know those passions under different names, or worship other deities (or deity).

Those Name-givers who fully embrace their Passions and follow them throughout their lives without doubts or remorse gain great power and drive. They are called Questors, and work to inspire fellow mortals and become closer to the spirit of their Passion. A Questor of Garlen, the hearth-Passion, for example, might be a travelling healer, whereas a Questor of the trade-Passion Chorrolis would more probably work as a merchant. Questors of most Passions tended to be welcome in most communities, as they are dedicated to the improvement of others, not just themselves.

Please browse these pages of arcane knowledge about Passions and remember that when the last emotion leaves your soul, all that remains of you is the empty shell of your physical body. Without Passions, we are nothing.



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