The Kingdom of Throal is a dwarven country located in the depths of the Throal Mountains. It was a leader against Theran occupation of Barsaive and is the most important, powerful and influential political and cultural center of the province.

The Population

Population Around 190,000 Name-givers live in Throal which some scholars estimate to be about 1/3 of the entire Barsaive population. However, common sense dictates that there is many more Name-givers living in the entire Barsaive than 570,000.

Racial breakdown of the Throal citizens is presented in the table below:

Throal Racial Composition Table
Race Population
Dwarf 44%
Elf 7%
Human 15%
Obsidiman handful
Ork 25%
T'skrang 1%
Troll 8%
Windling handful

Notable Citizens

Administration and Law Order

The Kingdom of Throal is an absolute hereditary monarchy. This means that the King has the final say in all matters concerning state including law, judgement and executive policies and that the power is passed from a previous King to his heir.

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Regions of the Kingdom

The Kingdom of Throal is a big and diverse place.

Grand Bazaar

The first thing travellers see upon entering through the Gates of Throal is the Grand Bazaar. It is a big market inside an artificial cave where all sorts of goods can be obtained including all sorts of food, tools, decorations, jewelry, transportation vehicles, perfumes, services, weapons, armors and even magical items. During the day this place is always bustling in activity full of haggling merchants and their customers. It is patrolled very frequently by at least a dozen of Royal Guard units during both day and night.

The Grand Bazaar has its own magistrate, a dwarf woman Stawyri.

The Halls of Throal

On the walls of the Grand Bazaar there are entrances to nine Halls of Throal. They are networks of tunnels and chambers built into the mountain before the Scourge and are both main communication routes inside the Kingdom and homes for almost 50,000 of Throal citizens. There are nine halls named after important legendary or historical figures:

  • Hall of Tav
  • Hall of Thandos
  • Hall of Ulutur
  • Hall of Jothan
  • Hall of Donalicus
  • Hall of Bazrata
  • Hall of Bodal
  • Hall of Garaham
  • Hall of Upandal

The Halls lead deep into the mountain and one would require several days to walk each Hall from its beginning to an end. The Halls are connected by multiple smaller tunnels and corridors to make it possible to move efficiently throughout the Kingdom.

Moving from the Grand Bazaar toward the Inner Kingdom both the size of homes and status and wealth of their citizens grow considerably. This division marks boundaries of three different neighbourhoods:

The Halls are governed by four different magistrates. One of them is in charge of the Dahnat, whilst the other three of them take care of all other areas of three of Halls.

  • Skerrin is the magistrate of the Dahnat.
  • Jomikale governs the Halls of Tav, Thandos and Ulutur.
  • Philippa is in charge of Halls of Jothan, Donalicus and Bazrata.
  • Pijian commands the guards of Halls of Bodal, Garaham and Upandal.

The Dahnat

The area adjacent to the Grand Bazaar is called the Dahnat and is home to poorest citizens, very often Throal newcomers with large number of Orks and Trolls among them.

The Dahnat is governed by the magistrate Skerrin, a friendly, kind-hearted Dwarf.

The Wedshel

Deeper into the Kingdom lives the bulk of the Throal population. This is were most "typical" citizens of Throal live.

The Estates

The noble and wealthy occupy the area most far away from the entrance to the Kingdom in the Halls of Throal called the Estates.

The Inner Kingdom

The Inner Cities

The Inner Cities were all built after the reopening of Throal.

The list of Inner Cities:

Also, the construction of two more inner cities is currently on hold due to resources being diverted to the military:

The Mines

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The Mountain Settlements


Dwarf Mining Village in Throal Mountains.

Throal consists not only of the Halls of Throal and the Inner Cities, but also of a number of outdoor settlements scattered throughout the Throal Mountains.

Government Organizations

The Arm of Throal

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His Majesty's Diplomatic Corps

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His Majesty's Exploratory Force

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The Eye of Throal

Led by Senior Gatherer J'role, this organization supports Throal and King Neden by providing a network of intelligence agents scattered throughout the entire Barsaive.

See the main article: Eye of Throal.

Great Library of Throal

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