Humans are not the most common race in Earthdawn, but are the most diverse concerning discipline proficiency. Humans are known to be very adaptable and versitile in their undertakings, and are even known for learning Talents from Disciplines other than their own. Below is a guide to humans in the world of Earthdawn.

Physical Features

Humans average 5 feet and 7 inches (170 centimeters) high, and are much lighter in appearance than dwarves or obsidimen, while still appearing bulky next to elves. They grow considerably less hair than dwarves as well. Their skin can be anything from pinkish-white to obsidian. They have a life expectancy of close to 75 years, although some live longer.

Social Features

Humans are social creatures, inclined to group behavior such as forming familes, tribes, or even great empires and nations. They usually feel a strong loyalty to their given social group, although not to the extent of, say, the Dwarves. Humans prefer to live in permanent places, such as houses and other roofed dwellings, drawing on a home for not only protection, but also as a place of comfort and security. These dwellings will usually be gathered with others of their kind. Although they are very social creatures, it has difficult to classify their society with singular descriptions for, just as the human physical form can be quite diverse, their culture is no different. Humans take many parts from many different races and civilizations and make them their own.

Most Common Disciplines

Most races specialize in a few fields. This is not true of Humans. Humans are very diverse, as mentioned above, and therefore are spread through the disciplines almost equally.

Other Races

Many races of the world of Earthdawn have distinguishing features that set them apart from the others. Humanity's feature is that it is not exraordinary in any particular way, but can excell in a field of their choosing. In diplomacy, humans use this adapability to their advantage, and have natural enemies of none of the races. How well a human gets along with a Dwarf, an Elf, or any other race depends solely on how that particular human feels about their counterpart, as there are no sterotypes for humans other than their versatility.