The Horrors are a diverse range of inter-planar creatures that perpetrated the Scourge. They are considered by most Namegivers as entities of capable only of malice and destruction, and the personification of corruption. Horrors are not Namegivers, but are sometimes referred to as Name-eaters.

Origin and Characteristics

Horrors are believed to originate from an astral realm, envisioned by some scholars to be a kind of hell. In the Earthdawn universe, magic fluctuates through cycles, called "Ages" (the current being the Third Age). As the magic level rises, it allows Horrors to cross from their dimension into the world of Earthdawn.

There is very little physically that can serve as an aid in classifying them, though there are certain "species" that display similar characteristics and powers. Horrors manifest in an almost infinite variety of forms -- from ravenous monstrosities that devour all they encounter, to intelligent and malign entities that feed off the negative emotions they inspire in their victims. One trait common to all Horrors is their instinct or desire to cause harm. It is generally believed that Horrors subsist on the negative emotions produced in the victims they harm.

The corruption of the Horrors was so profound that several Passions were driven insane during the Scourge.


Horrors display a variety of powers that they use to cause misery, pain and suffering. Some of the more notable Horror powers include abilities that:

  • curse a pattern with astral taint, through which they can wield their other powers
  • warp and corrupt astral energies and magic
  • inflict horrendous damage by causing a victim’s skin to tear and twist around their body
  • create undead from the bodies of slain victims
  • drain the magical and life essence from living beings
  • instill crippling terror in those nearby
  • manipulate a victim’s thoughts and actions, and defile their dreams and emotions

Not all Horrors possess these capacities, and this list is by no means exhaustive.

Horror Species

Although Horrors manifest in an seemingly infinite array of imaginable forms, there are certain groups that share physical characteristics and display a similar range of powers. Examples of these include Bloatforms, Despairthoughts and Wormskulls. This being said, any particular individual may exhibit features and powers that are distinct from others of its "species".

Named Horrors

Some incredibly powerful Horrors have Names and therefore True Patterns. These entities are among the most dangerous in existence. They exhibit unique powers or variations of more common ones. Though these Horrors have Names, their True Names may not be known, so concepts like Hate, Nemesis and Betrayer have been ascribed to them. Others, like Chantrel’s Horror have been named for the unfortunate individual to first encounter it. The most powerful Named Horror believed to exist is Verjigorm, called the Hunter of Great Dragons.


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