The Death's Sea is marking the southern border of Barsaive. Contrary to many peoples believes it does not consist of pure fire, but molten rock, several hundred degrees hot (700°-1200° Celsius / 1300° - 2200° F). The surface of the sea is covered with clenkas, small floating islands of stone. Often large erruptions of molten stone emit between the clenkas, showering the surface with a deadly rain of fire. The red glow of the Death's Sea is visible from many miles away at night and probably the reason for aforementioned rumors, because this flickering glow at the horizon is the only thing most Barsaivians are going to see during their lifetime.

Clenkas are formed when the molten stone touches the cooler air and becomes solid. Their surface is still several hundred degrees hot. Most clenkas are not sturdy and will break or tilt over if any weight is applied to them. Some rumors about larger, sturdy clenkas exist, but should they prove to be true, they would certainly inhabited and defended by one of the fierce creatures that call the sea their home and are as deadly as Death's Sea itself.

The nature of Death's Sea makes it the most promising spot in Barsaive to mine it for kernels of elemental fire and many are said to make a fortune in just a fortnight of hard larbour. A lot more are never heard or seen of again of course.

Legend has it that Death itself lies imprisoned beneath the fiery surface of the sea, tricked into captivity by the other Passions and that one day, when too much blood is spilled upon the soil of Barsaive, it will rise again from its prison.


The real-life equivalent of Death's Sea is the Black Sea.


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