The vast green of Blood Wood marks the northern Border of Barsaive. It was known as Wyrm Wood before the Scourge and is home to the Elven Court, currently ruled by Queen Alachia.

Once the center of elven culture and power, the terrible Ritual of Thorns the elves of Blood Wood underwent in 1262 TH to survive the onslaught of the Horrors, caused many "unprotected" elves outside the wood to dispute Alachia’s rule.

The Ritual of Thorns corrupted the Bloodwood into a cruel and unforgiving place, much unlike the previously beautiful and enchanting Wyrm Wood. An adventurer wandering into the woods uninvited, will find himself surrounded by living, and very deadly plant life, among other defenses the Blood Elves themselves. The Blood Oak is one such abomination caused by the Ritual.


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