Blood Warders are an order of magicians within Blood Wood responsible for protecting the Wood’s borders, and various other arcane endeavours at the behest of Queen Alachia.

History and Current Activities

Formerly known as the Queen’s Warders, they assumed the title Blood Warders upon enacting the Ritual of Thorns. In their previous incarnation the Warders followed both magical and martial disciplines, though with rise of the Talshara Ranelle, magic has become the domain of the Warders.

Their ranks consist primarily of Elementalist, Illusionist, Nethermancer and Wizard adepts, with the majority of their numbers drawn from the Escalanas Ranelle. Apprentices are tested before the Queen for magical aptitude, though an apprentice failing twice in these tests can never hope to become a Warder. Successful candidates gain the status of a Warder for life.

Warder duties include maintaining the magical wards throughout the Wood, maintenance of the Court gardens and forest paths, research into various arcane fields including enchanting and summoning, and administering the Ritual of Thorns. They may also serve as the magical contingent in border patrols both at the Wood’s outer boundaries and the Forest’s Heart.

In general the Warders enjoy a great amount of personal and professional freedom, acting with little oversight. Grumblings are made within the Court as to their accountability, as many with competing interests think that the Warders overstep the bounds of the position. They wield a degree of political influence as advisors to the Queen in arcane affairs and some members are increasingly involved in pursuits of a questionable nature.

Notable Warders

Preystia Tales

The current chief Warder, Tales inherited the position upon the retirement of his predecessor Kethos Escalanas. He is a loyal supporter of the Queen and she has tasked him with research into the state of the Forest’s Heart. Of the Daevenar Ranelle, an accomplished Elementalist, Illusionist and Nethermancer.

Athine Oakforest

Originating from Sereatha, Athine has interests within the Escalanas Ranelle. An active member in Court politics, he acts as an intermediary between the Warders and Consortis. He follows the Elementalist, Nethermancer and Wizard disciplines.

Takaris Talshara

Responsible for the defence of the borders of Blood Wood, Takaris rose to his current position after returning the Everliving Flower to its traditional home within the Elven Court. He coordinates Warden patrols in his capacity as a Warder on behalf of the Talshara, and has a sympathetic attitude toward outsiders. He hails from the Talshara Ranelle and is an adept of both the Wizard and Warrior disciplines.