Map of Barsaive (1st Edition)

The Therans named the province of Barsaive six hundred years ago, before the Scourge began. Even today the Therans consider Barsaive a province of their empire, though most Barsaivians give their allegiance to the dwarf kingdom of Throal. This stark contradiction between perceptions of Barsaive's people and its would be overlords creates much of the conflict between Thera and Barsaive. --An Explorer's Guide to Barsaive, p.6, contributed by Merrox; Master of the Hall of Records.

Barsaive is bound by unique and fairly impassable features on all sides. To the south lies the Death's Sea of molten lava, to the east the mysterious Aras Sea, to the north the ancient Blood Wood and the Wastes border west side of the province. Another place of significance is the south-western corner of the province under the control of the Second Theran Empire which contains Theran's military outpost called Sky Point and a big, rich city of Vivane.

The Big Cities


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