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Alachia, the Queen of Elves

Alachia the Blood Queen.jpg

Queen Alachia, a great elf, was born in the elven kingdom of Sereatha, The Kingdom of Spires. She assumed the role of Queen and sat on the Rose Throne after the death of Queen Failla and ruled for several centuries before the Scourge. Like all previous queens (except Liara, chosen through omen) she was chosen by unanimous consent of elven nobles.

When the Therans came to Barsaive, Alachia resisted them as fully as her kind could muster. This included rejecting their offer of a Kaer protected by Theran magicks. Instead she ordered the construction of a wooden Kaer with Elven wards protecting it.

While the Kaer proved strong, it could not endure the constant attack from the Horrors. After several hundred years, the Kaer fell, and Alachia along with the rest of the Wyrmwood elves, were forced to drastic measures.

In order to defend against the Horrors, who preyed on feelings of good-will and well-being, she chose for herself and her people to live in constant pain, by growing thorns out of their skin, making them into twisted parodies of themselves. This act required blood magic, which might have permanently tainted the Wyrmwood; Now known as the Blood Wood.